Past performances - Fall 2016 - Spring 2017


** Note: all performances this Fall will be held in the MIT Chapel, unless otherwise indicated.

MIT Chapel altar with metal sculpture by Harry Bertoia

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Wednesday, Sept. 28 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Amanda Casale & Ryan O’Reilly In The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years is a contemporary song-cycle musical that chronicles the five-year life of a marriage from two perspectives;
Jamie tells his story in chronological order (meeting to end), while Cathy tells her story in reverse (end to meeting).
Beautifully written by Jason Robert Brown, The Last Five Years is an intensely personal look at the relationship between a writer
and an actress told from both points of view.





Thursday, Oct. 13 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Stephen Pepper moved from suburban Detroit to Boston in 1972 and has rarely looked back. He hopscotched from job to job, full-time to part-time and back again, at Harvard and elsewhere, before settling into what will soon be 16 years at MIT, first at Sloan and then in the DUE Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming. At 35 he went back to school for a Master of Divinity degree and served as a hospital chaplain and ordained minister for 20 years. At 58 he reinvented himself again as an atheist. During all these adventures he’s endeavored to write creatively, occasionally finding time to do so. Today’s program selects from five decades of his writing, [along with favorites by one of Stephen’s mentors, Professor John Hildebidle, whom he met first at Harvard and then here.]







Wednesday, Oct. 26 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Bohachewsky Kieber Group recital




Wednesday, Nov. 9 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Kurt Winikka, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Details to follow



Wednesday, Nov. 30 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15).

Isadora Deese reads excerpts from Right of Capture, a Sci-Fi YA novel

Isadora Deese is a graduate of Indiana University and Boston University Master’s Playwriting Program. Her writing explores the evolving connections between technology, art, and nature thatare shaping our near future. Isadora helped coordinate some of the first iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine)competitions at MIT. She co-wrote Adventures in Synthetic Biology with Drew Endy and the Synthetic Biology Working Group, illustrated by Chuck Wadey, which in 2005, was the first comic to be on the cover of Nature. She is married to writer and historian R.S. Deese, and they live in the Boston area with their three sons and two cats.



Wednesday, Dec. 14 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Amanda Casale, Piano and voice

Group song cycle


Thursday, Dec 22 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Ruth Levitsky, Music for alto & c flute duet

 Tuesday, Jan 17 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Meridian Singers in concert:

Thrice Happy: Classicism in Choral Music

Lassus, Thompson, de Wert, Josquin, Willaert, and more

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Friday, Feb 10 and Saturday, Feb 11 at 8pm • MIT Chapel (W15)

Amanda Casale & friends perform Songs for a new world


Wednesday, March 8 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Ryan Kendall began playing guitar and writing folky acoustic songs in 2008 during his sophomore year of college.

With a focus on poignant political and personal lyrics, the stories and emotional content are what drive his original music deep into the hearts and minds of listeners.



Wednesday, April 5 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Amanda Casale, Kyle Carlson, Madeline Cooper, and Monica Whitlock

Spring Awakening is a rock musical  with music by Duncan Sheik and a book and lyrics by Steven Sater.  It is based on the 1891 German play Frühlings Erwachen (Spring‘s Awakening) by Frank Wedekind.  The play was written to criticize the sexually oppressive culture of 19th century Germany and was banned due to its “vivid eroticism” at the time. 


In the musical, alternative rock is employed as part of the folk-infused rock score.  On Broadway, the actors sang some songs into microphones to demonstrate when they were “in their heads” (in the alternative rock style) and then sang without microphones to demonstrate when they were “present” (in actual 19th century Germany).  Some of the lyrics in the rock songs include adult language and content as a way of portraying the children’s anger at their sexual oppression.


Three of the nine performers you see today originated this cast of Spring Awakening in 2013

(Kyle Carlson, Amanda Casale, Madeline Cooper).

As the production went on to win the Eastern Massachusetts ACT State Festival, two of the performers from the original cast could not continue and were thus replaced (adding Andrew Lemieux and Bradford Robinson to the cast); the production won eight awards, including Best Production and Best Ensemble. 

Three more performers were replaced when the production continued running to compete at the New England Regional Festival (NERF) (adding Cara Guappone, Ryan O’Reilly, and Jessica DePalo).  The production placed runner-up for Best Production and again won Best Ensemble. 

The entire performance period of Spring Awakening for the original cast members spanned the course of nearly two years.  This performance at MIT marks a “two years later” reunion for the final NERF cast (missing: Conor Bunker, Nicky Gloria, Michelle Oakland, Paige Winn, Michelle Leibowitz, Craig Howard).


Wednesday, April 19 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Andy Bohachewsky on piano performing jazz standards and originals 


Wednesday, May 3 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Reprise! ABD is happy to announce Ryan Kendall's return with a new set of songs.



Tuesday, May 16 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Meridian Singers in concert:

Local Talent: three centuries of Choral Music by Boston composers, including music by William Billings, John Harbison, Donald Martino, and others. 
Directed by Michael Barrett.


Monday, May 22 at noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

Howard Martin plays tenor saxophone like an angel would, if angels played sax.