Past performances - Fall 2013 - Spring 2014


Wed., Sept. 25 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Nina Olff, poet

Originally from NYC, Nina is a creative artist, an educator and a researcher. She has worked at Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero, and as a classroom teacher and in other positions in the public school system and in higher education. Nina is a published author and poet, a visual artist and a musician. Her poems have appeared in anthologies and journals including The Women’s Review of Books and The Teaching Artists’ Journal. In her spare time she is working on scripts and learning to sing. Her current day job at MIT is as an administrative assistant.

Wed., Nov. 20 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Poetry reading: Michele Harris

Michele Harris will read from a manuscript in progress.

Michele Lynn Harris received her B.A. in English from Allegheny College and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from UMass Boston, where she volunteer teaches Literature for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  She was awarded the Paul G. Zolbrod prize and the David A. Kennedy prize in poetry.   Her poems have appeared inprint from California's Falling Star Magazine to a glass-bottle publication from Dirtflask in the U.K.  She has also been published in Anderbo, The Prose-Poem Project, Eclectica, Escarp, Stirring, Uncanny Valley, Anatomy & Etymology,  The Columbia College Literary Review, The Susquehanna Review, and others, and has a poem forthcoming in CICADA.  

Her  manuscript Blackdamp explores the cultural, historical, and emotional geography of rural Western Pennsylvania--a landscape once lit orange by the blast furnaces of steel mills, pockmarked by industry, and now amnesically pastoral.   She hopes to resuscitate the memory of this place where woods have grown over whole towns, where a flood struck so deadly it caused fires,  and where flowers grow Bunsen-blue among jagger bushes.

Wed., Dec 4 at 12 noon • MIT Chapel (W15)

CONCERT : Meridian Singers
O’er Moor and Fen: 19th Century English Partsongs and West Gallery Hymns.
Meridian Singers is an a cappella chorus open to all in the MIT community.

Wed., Dec 11 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)
Andy Bohachewsky

Details as they come this space!

Wed., Dec 18 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Kerry Kelley, singer/ songwriter

Smooth, catchy and vocally driven…
I tend see myself as an outlier. In statistical terms this applies to those well outside the average distribution within what is known as the "bell curve". (Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd.) Originally from New York City, I was brought up listening to opera and a wealth of other classical music as a child, then I discovered the explosion of sounds heard in rock, folk, blues, Broadway and jazz. Yes, my influences are many and this can be heard in the sounds from my previous band incarnations, When pressed, I will cite strong female artists, such as k.d. lange, Annie Lenox, Siouxsie Sioux, Joni Mitchell, Alison Moyet and bands like The Motels and The Pretenders as influences. This latest edition starts on a fresh page...imagine if Aimee Mann or k.d. lang started a band with Matthew Sweet and I think that covers it. I'm now based in
Somerville. Please stay tuned. 

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Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM  Kresge Auditorium

2014 MIT Excellence Awards :
An Exhibit of ArtWork by MIT and  Lincoln Lab Employeers

Wednesday, March 19, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Howard Martin

Howard Martin is a multi-instrumentalist and improviser focused on the intersection of and tension between conventional and extended technique. When he doesn't play for a while, he misses it in his lungs and fingertips.

Howard will explore the resonances of the Killian Hall space in a long format solo tenor saxophone performance.

Michael yarskyChoi

Wednesday, March 26, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Michael Yarsky is a Boston-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He currently works as the administrative assistant for the Biosafety Program of MIT’s Environment, Health, and Safety office. In addition to being a bassist for numerous pit orchestras and jazz ensembles at Tufts University, he has performed his solo work in Boston, New York City, and Pittsburgh. In 2012 he self-released his first album, Hi Heaviness, an indie-folk record infused with flamenco and finger-picking techniques reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Lindsey Buckingham. In 2013, he began studying classical guitar under Berklee professor David Newsam. In preparing for his second album, he aims to acquire more proficiency in classical techniques and incorporate those techniques into his work. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Michael holds a BA in Economics from Tufts University. Visit his website at to stream or download his record for free.

Saunder Choi is a Filipino composer, and one of the more accomplished choral writers from his country for his age. His works have been performed in many different international festivals and concerts, including the Philippine Madrigal Singers' UNESCO Artists for Peace 2009 awarding ceremony in France, the 2010 Guido d'Arezzo Polifonico Choral Competition in Italy, the 2011 World Choral Symposium in Argentina, the 2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati, OH, the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival, ACDA National/Regional Symposium, etc.  He was a 2012 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award finalist and received the 2013 Leroy Southers Award from the Berklee College of Music Composition Department. His piece was recently selected for the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra's 1st Young Composer Initiative orchestra readings. As a vocalist, he has sung as a soloist at Boston's Symphony Hall with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra and sings professionally with the First Church Boston Choir. 

Born in Manila, Philippines, Choi holds a BA in Communication Arts from the De La Salle University-Manila and recently graduated with a BM in Composition with a minor in Conducting, summa cuma laude,  from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. His teachers include Andrew List, Vuk Kulenovic and Marti Epstein. 

Fri, March 28, 8pm  Sanders Theater, 45 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Join flamenco guitar virtuoso Juanito Pascual as he celebrates the
release of his latest album "New Flamenco Trio. " Called by NPR "one of the hottest flamenco guitarists to emerge in recent years" this project marks the next step in Pascual's artistic journey and promises to be a spectacular evening of world-class musicianship and dance in Harvard's gorgeous Sanders Theater. The Trio, featuring Grammy-nominated percussionist Tupac Mantilla, and bassist Brad Barrett (DMA, New England Conservatory) will be joined by special guest Auxi Fernandez, flamenco dancer direct from Cadiz, Spain.

Map and directions - Free Parking next door at Broadway Garage

-the 50-second video trailer for the show,

-the "While My Guitar Gently Weeps Video"

-Harvard ticket website.

Wednesday, April 2, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Molly Ruggles

Molly Ruggles is a singer, songwriter & pianist. She directed bands at Opryland in Nashville and has played in Boston area jazz & folk clubs. At MIT she works for ODL/OEIT as an educational technology consultant, helping to bring innovations into the classroom as well as facilitating the xTalks speaker series. She also teaches a freshman songwriting course.


Wednesday, April 16, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Kerry Kelley

A singer, a guitar and ukelele player and a songwriter, Kerry plays in a trio that includes Mike Tworoger on bass and Addison Maupin on drums. Both Kerry and Mike work in Drosophila research labs in the Biology Deparment here at MIT. The band is called The Outliers and play the local club scene around Cambridge and Boston. Musical influences include artists such as k.d. lange, Alison Moyet, St. Vincent and Aimee Mann as well as bands like Radiohead, Pink Floyd and The Pretenders. Please visit her website and join The Outliers mailing list to keep up to date on everything and to get free downloads of music

Second Wind

Thursday, April 24, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

John Maloney and Second Wind

Second Wind presents "Spring in the Workshop of Andrea Gabrieli: Music of Andrea Gabrieli and his students". The program will include music by Andrea Gabrieli, his nephew Giovanni, Sweelinck, and others, with special emphasis on Hans Leo Hassler.

Second Wind performs music on period wind instruments including sackbut (ancestor of the trombone), dulcian (ancestor of the bassoon), and cornetto (an unusual brass/woodwind hybrid with no modern equivalent).

Performers: Susan Galereave, Eric Kernfeld, Rigel Lustwerk, and John Maloney


Wednesday, April 30, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Esmeralda Barreiro, stand-up comedian

Esmeralda Barreiro, will present a brand of delightfully crude, but family-friendly, comedy. She draws from only her own real personal experiences. She has performed all over the state of New York. Also, she is awesome you should really come to this event.

Danielle Bajumpaa

Wednesday, May 14, at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Danielle Bajumpaa reads poetry

Danielle Fontaine (Bajumpaa) has recently received an MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her poems have earned honorable mentions in Writer’s Digest and The Academy of American Poets contests and, as a finalist, her poem “Bottle” appears in the Modern Grimmoire Anthology. Her work can also be found on NPR’s “Here and Now” website as well as in Prick of the Spindle, Front Range, Juked Poetry and others.

meridian singers

Wednesday, May 21,  Noon-1 pm
MIT Chapel -- WW15.

The Meridian Singer's present
"Music of  Thomas Tallis and William Byrd."

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