Past performances - Fall 2011 - Spring 2012




 Wed., October 26 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

CONCERT: Kurt Winikka, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Singer-Songwriter Kurt Winikka has been banging on the guitar ever since the 7th grade, when he was given a $25 Spanish guitar from Nogales, Mexico. An appreciation of great songwriting craft by such artists as Townes Van Zandt, Dave Carter and Richard Shindell inspired Kurt to begin writing his own material in earnest. He has been performing at local (Boston area) venues, as well as the occasional regional ("The Perch" in Brooklyn) or far flung ("The Bottleneck" in Lawrence, Kansas and "Fiddler's Dream" in Phoenix, Arizona).

Kevin_Mclellan  Wed., November 2 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Kevin McLellan is the author of the chapbook Round Trip (Seven Kitchens, 2010), a collaborative series of poems with numerous women poets.  Kevin lives in Cambridge, and sometimes teaches at the University of Rhode Island in Providence.


 Wed., November 16 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

RECITAL: Rene Hites, Mezzo-Soprano and Christina English, Mezzo-Soprano

Come listen to Rene and Christina as they perform a recital called, Songs of the Americas.


Thurs., December 1 & Fri., December 2 (9-5) • Two Locations • E25 Atrium and Stata Center

ARTS AND CRAFTS : ABD Winter Craft Fair
Get ready to shop! Join us for our semi-annual craft fair featuring handmade jewelry, original artwork, and more.


 Wed., December 7 at 12 noon • Chapel (W15)

CONCERT: Meridian Singers

A selection of seasonal a cappella choral music, some pieces familiar, others not. Composers include Palestrina, Robert Parsons (c1530-1572), Victoria, and Anonymous. Audience participation will be encouraged on Veni, Veni Emmanuel—in Latin!


 Wed., December 14 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

CONCERT: Shiba Nemat-Nasser, Mezzo-soprano

Baroque music with period instruments.


Come out and see the stars!

Necklace Nebula - Hubble photo

Tue. Feb 28 at 3:00 pm • Kresge Auditorium

MIT Excellence Awards: Kresge Lobby will be enlivened with art from ABD visual artists and music from Francis Doughty

Featured ABD artists:
Michelle Barr
Gracie Dorneus
Myron "Fletch" Freeman
Carol Schweigert

MITG&S - 2002 Pirates production
Elizabeth Lear photo

Wed., February 29 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)
MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players

The MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players present a concert celebrating Frederic’s 39th birthday*

Lizi George ’12 – soprano
Kelsey Peterson W ’05 – soprano
Davie Rolnick ’12 – baritone
Barratt Park G – baritone
Matthew Pinson G – piano

Featuring music from:

  • The Pirates of Penzance
  • HMS Pinafore
  • Patience
  • Ruddigore
  • The Gondoliers
  • The Grand Duke

*If you don’t know who Frederic is or why 2/29/2012 is his 39th birthday, come and find out!


Peter Allen

Wed., March 14 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Peter Allen

Peter Allen will be performing Wholly Word: The King James Holy Bible set word for word to original contemporary music. Three $50 cash door prizes will be awarded at the corcert. Refreshments will be provided.



Wed., March 28 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Samantha Farrell

Samantha Farrell is a Boston based singer-songwriter who plays her own unique brand of jazz influenced folk-rock and pop. Described by The Huffington Post as possessing "a liquor-honey voice, deft guitar work, and slightly melancholic tones that meld to form an aching and elegant aural tapestry," she's had a nationally charting album as well as numerous songs placed on major television shows. For more info and music, check out


Samantha Farrell  

Sat., April 14 at 7:30 pm • MIT Chapel

Metal and glass Sextet

We are thrilled to present a program of meditative music for bowed metal, sound sculptures & tuned glass instruments in the acoustically amazing, & visually stunning MIT Chapel! This will be our second time in this lovely space, so please come and be mesmerized with us. We have been working diligently on a set of meditative acoustic soundscapes for the sole benefit of your ears and spirits.

Metal & Glass Sextet:

  • Matt Samolis
  • Randy Winchester
  • Heather Townsend
  • Peter Warren
  • Thadd Comstock
  • Melanie Hedlund

Metal & Glass on Facebook: Metal & Glass web page:

Recording of M&G @ MIT, 4/16/2011:



Renaissance Winds


Wed., April 18 at 12 noon • MIT Chapel

Second Wind: A Renaissance Wind Trio

Second Wind performs music on period instruments including sackbut (ancestor of the trombone), dulcian (ancestor of the bassoon), and cornetto (an unusual brass/woodwind hybrid with no modern equivalent). This concert features music from roughly 1450 through 1600, including pieces by Dufay, Isaac, Susato, Lasso, Hofhaimer, and Byrd. After the concert, the audience will have an opportunity to take a closer look at the instruments and ask questions.

Performers: Susan Galereave, Rigel Lustwerk, and John Maloney


Molly Ruggles

Wed., April 25 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Recital: Molly Ruggles, Mezzo-soprano
Molly Ruggles piano and voice.

With guest artists Kayla Statham '15 and Bridget McCoy '15.

More info and samples:


Meridian Singers

April 25 at 12 noon • MIT Chapel

CONCERT: Meridian Singers

The Orpheus Britanicus: Choral Music of Henry Purcell.
 This program will explore works for church, stage, and chamber by English composer Henry Purcell (1659-1695).

 Meridian Singers is an a cappella chorus open to all in the MIT community. Our repertoire includes music from the classical literature, from early to contemporary pieces, and from various countries and cultures. The group rehearses at the noon hour, hence the name “Meridian.”




Thurs., May 10 & Fri., May 11 (9-5) • Two Locations • E25 Atrium and Stata Center

ARTS AND CRAFTS : ABD Spring Craft Fair
Just in time for Mothers' Day!
Join us for our semi-annual craft fair featuring handmade jewelry, original artwork, and more.



Angela Ambroz

Jessica Barber

Wed., May 9 at 12 noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

Angela Ambroz and Jessica Barber

Angela Ambroz will be reading an excerpt from one of her science fiction short stories. Her stories have been published in Strange Horizons, GigaNotoSaurus, and the Anywhere But Earth anthology. She was recently interviewed in Redstone Science Fiction.


Jessica Barber will be reading a short piece of speculative fiction. Her work has recently appeared in Strange Horizons




Wed., May 23 at noon • Killian Hall (14W-111)

CONCERT: Nicholas Altenbernd

Nicholas Altenbernd plays Chopin.


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