Past performances - 2000-2003



Summer Concert Series 2002

BJ Magoon and Driving Sideways

The Hirsch Project


Visual Arts

Kay Walsh, September 11th Anniversary Remembrance

Performing Arts

Francis Doughty

Kelley Donovan & Dancers

Marina Voronina

Meridian Singers

Valve Job

Michael Early

Rule 56

Bill Whitney

Theatre Arts

Hotel Blanc

Summer Concert Series 2003


Amun Ra





Summer Concert Series

Jama Jigi



Visual Arts

Artists by Night, Administrators by Day

Literary and Performing Arts

Judson Wolfskill and John Verbos, readings

Andrea Cohen, poet

Angela Glass, latin jazz vocals

Meridian Singers

Shiba Nemat-Nasser, mezzo-soprano,  with Jean Anderson Collier, piano




Summer Concert Series

City of Roses

Happy the Clown

Jump City


Literary and Performing Arts

Amy Anglin, poet and songwriter

Edmund Carlevale, novelist

Del Ray Cross, poetry

Leigh Deacon, storytelling

Anne Hudson, poetry

Raelinda Woad, storytelling

Peter Allen, singer-songwriter

Grace Chung, jazz vocals

Stacie Clayton, soprano, with Janice Thompson, piano

Bonnie Cochran, flute

Carla Chrisfield, soprano

Francis Doughty, acoustic guitar

Four by Four: Lynn Steele, soprano, with Steven Sussman, piano

Sally Honda, piano

Kelley Donovan and Dancers

Meridian Singers

Ann Rhodes, soprano, with Erica Rome, piano

Richard St. Clair, piano and composition

Uptown Saxophone Quartet


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