About Artists Beyond the Desk


ABD's Origins

"MIT is very fortunate to have the artistic talent represented in our staff..."

                      -Constantine B. Simonides

In 1985, Anne Armitage sponsored a brown bag seminar during IAP entitled, "The Artist Behind the Desk." From this seminar grew the collaborative effort of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues member Marie Stuppard and the late MIT Vice President Constantine Simonides. In 1987, the first Artist Behind the Desk Series was born. Since then, the MIT ABD Committee has "helped hundreds of individuals reach their...artistic potential" (MIT Tech Talk, March 9, 2005).

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ABD is a subcommittee of the Working Group on Support Staff Issues (WGSSI), and is funded in part by WGSSI, the Council for the Arts at MIT and MIT Human Resources.

We'd like to thank MIT Audio Visual Services and CopyTech for their generous support.